Who are we?

We are a couple of sisters who like to craft. Chloe, 15, is the creative force behind the soaps. She comes up with the designs and colors and has continuously pushed the dream forward. Chloe loves to make soap, artwork, knit, and lots of other crafty things! Caitlin, 27, is a new mom of two who enjoys candle making, soap making, and trying new craft projects. 

What we Value

We value many things such as family, hard work, quality control, and kindness. We plan to run the business with these values in mind. Each product is carefully hand made by family with hard work and attention to detail. Each product is looked over and inspected to make sure it meets our standard of quality. Then the soap is lovingly packaged and sent to you. We hope that our products may bring you joy and we would love to hear feedback from our customers! We value your opinion and hope to leave a positive impression.